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Monday, December 9, 2013

They made what?

Sometimes when I am in stores, I end up laughing or scratching my head at an item that I see on the shelf. And most of the time, I try to take a photo of those things... for proof they exist, if nothing else.

In the past few weeks, I found these goodies:

I can hear his voice when I read the box.
Walgreens Christmas candy aisle

I didn't buy the next 2 items but if I find out that they work, I might.
Who needs cake pops when you can make Twinkies at home?

Make sure to add the right amount of loops on top or it's not a Hostess Cupcake

Hallmark has a ta-ta coozy:

And this.... hell. I don't even know. Is this a big seller?

Underwear.... as gloves.

Hundreds of uses... yet they neglect to show a picture of your friends
 beating the shit out of you for wearing these in public.

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