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Friday, December 6, 2013

Stuff that I want from IKEA

If you missed the first IKEA posts, you can catch up here, here, here, and here.


Now, I've shown you what I would never buy.
It's time to show you what I want... badly.

Dining room table: It has a leaf... that fits IN the table, on the under side.
Seats 4 easily, possibly up to 6

The leaf is IN the table!

With the chairs that we want, we could seat up to 8 people

I am in love with this light. I kept seeing it all over the place and I want it.

Downstairs in the Marketplace:

I love picture frames. And this is right up my alley. Attach the shelves to the wall and you're done. Seems simpler than making sure the pictures are always straight and trying to find that little hook on the back while trying to hang the frames.
The shelves come in different lengths and colors. Lots of frame colors, too.

I have always wanted a chair like this to read in. It's so cozy. But a little over my budget.

My husband wants this chair for the desk.

Genius. Instead of trying to find nightstands that are tall enough (or short enough), 
take a small cabinet and make it a floating nightstand.

Super cool. They have a line of file cabinets with combination locks built in on top.

We want this bed. It's smaller than the one we have (headboard) and has storage drawers underneath.

These lights are cool. Attached to the wall, they swing towards you when you need them 
and away when you don't need them.

It was hard to get a pic of just this light. It's cute. I think Button would love it.

Peanut would love one of these crystal chandeliers.

So, that wraps up a week of IKEA.
If you've never been to one, I hope that you can get to one near you soon.
It's an experience.

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