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Monday, January 13, 2014

No, I haven't died from exposure

Hello all. It's been a little while, huh? I'm still alive and kicking and finally thawing out.

Unless you were trapped in a bunker the last week, you must know that most of the country was experiencing much colder temps than normal. And of course, Minnesota was no exception.

But first, let's start with my hometown and where my family lives down south.
During the winter, they might see a light dusting of snow and the temps will dip a little and make them all start reaching for fur panties. (God, that just made me vomit a little. Who came up with that?)

This year, THIS YEAR, they got a little more than they expected.

I'll be honest... I cannot recall the last time it was that cold down south. And they were actually getting warnings about wind chills, frostbite, and hypothermia. My response when told by my sister that they had the warnings? "Welcome to my world."

But you'll notice, that weather didn't last too long. Within a few days, the lows were back up to around normal for this time of year. So to me, they got a much better deal.

As for us in the upper Midwest, well.... shit happens, I guess.

Do you see the difference in the amount of time that the weather flat out sucked? We had 12 straight days of the lows being on the wrong end of 0.
And don't get me started on that damn wind chill. The lowest that we saw on Weather.com's app was -50. Yes, -50 degrees is what we felt if we ventured outside. (I did not. You couldn't have dragged me out there at gun point.)

By far, that was the coldest weather that I have experienced in my almost 6 years of living in the Twin Cities. And I'll be honest.... if I could have run away, I would have done it. I am just not built for this sort of nonsense. (But then again, who is?)
I mean, when it's colder here than it is in Barrow, Alaska, something is wrong. (Barrow is the northernmost US city. It can snow ANY MONTH of the year. The high temperature is above freezing on an average of only 120 days per year, and there are 160 days of sub-0 °F. Also, they don't see daylight for about 65 days of the year.) 

For real, it was so much colder than what is expected and tolerated that Gov. Dayton actually closed the schools on that Monday. Each district had the choice of staying closed on Tuesday and I believe that they all did stay closed.
Yeah, MN kids don't get snow days.
MN kids get 'it's too damn cold to leave the damn house' days.

Luckily, the weather has rebounded here like in most of the country. And to most people, 20 degrees isn't that warm. But when 20 degrees means that it's about 70 degrees HIGHER today than last Monday, we will take it.

Besides the weather being harsh and making me want to hibernate, we have been working on Hell House and trying to get it done. The drywall is all done and we have walls again. We are now in the painting stages and after the first day, my thighs were pissed at me.
I guess when you don't do squats on the regular and then spend 2 hours squatting and then going right up to your toes, your muscles will scream like that the next day.

I plan to be around a little more while we are finishing up the house. And then hopefully, I will be here more regularly.

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