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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Location, location, location

I've lived in Minnesota for a little over 6 years now.

In that time, I've witnessed:
- temperatures that couldn't find their way above 0 with a map and a GPS unit
- a snow storm that broke our mailbox
- another storm that took out the mailbox
- ice dams 8 inches thick and icicles that look like bacon
- Chick-fil-a setting up shop in the Twin Cities

In that time, I've also:
- planned a wedding, gotten married and become a step mom
- become a mom, officially and legally
- voted to help move along Marriage Equality in MN
- become a full fledged IKEA addict
- become a pro at sanding and staining
- learned to renovate when you cannot relocate
- learned to build loft beds

And there's a lot more that I have never written about... yet.

The years have been good (throwing out those damn winters of course) and I've grown a lot living here, becoming a wife and a becoming a mom.
So next month will bring a lot of happiness and yet there will be a sadness in my heart. A hole, if you will.

We are moving... to Tennessee.

We started this move in motion (or at least the idea of it) back in October. Since then it's been a lot of late night talks, scouring real estate, thinking, planning, and more late night talks.

Our house is starting to resemble a storage facility, full of boxes. And when you already have a home that's too small, trying to find places to put stacks and stacks of boxes is a fun task.

By day, we are trying to finish building a screened porch on the house for my mother-in-law to use when she moves back in after we leave. By night, I am packingpackingpacking.

I'll have more info as the next few weeks go by and I'll have tons of pictures.

For now, I am exhausted and must fall into my bed...making sure not to trip over rolls of bubble wrap or stacks of UHAUL boxes.

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